Lawrence is frequently accused of being a "Renaissance Man" - writer, explorer, scuba diver, astronomer, luthier and musician.

After graduating from The Ohio State University with a BA in English language and literature, with an emphasis on creative writing, Lawrence attended a summer seminar at the Royal College of Music in London where he studied early music and learned to play the lute. His interest in history and archaeology led to another trip to Turkey, where he lived for three months, studying ancient ruins and the history of the area. His interest in astronomy led him to focus on archaeoastronomy, the astronomy of ancient civilizations long before the discovery of the telescope.

He has since become somewhat of a world traveler, visiting heritage sites in England, medieval towns in Europe and the Middle East, and ancient ruins in Central America and the Caribbean, where he also acquired his certification in scuba diving, since so many ruins lie under the sea.

When younger, he learned to build telescopes, telescope eyepieces, and historical musical instruments. Back in 1990, he was hired by the Kenner Toy Company to build prototypes for Star Wars toys. He worked closely with film makers at Skywalker Ranch to perfect R2D2 models that exactly matched the images seen in the films. During the "Star Wars years", he continued to write and began to develop ideas for his trilogy of novels.

When not writing, Lawrence performs early music with his medieval music group, the Noyse Merchants. The members perform on instruments that he has built. He is married with three adult children.

Memberships and affiliations:
The Cincinnati Observatory — contributing member.
Stonelick Lake Stargazers — a public education outreach program.
American Lute Society — member of the board of directors.
English Lute Society
Projetto Cetra — an Italian organization dedicated to the revival of ancient Italian musical instruments, especially the cetra.

The Trilogy

I conceived of the three novels as a series of science-based thrillers, derived from historical events. You may read more about it on the books page.

The Colors of Fire.

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Of Princes and Kings.

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