The following trilogy spans more than 3000 years:
The Colors of Fire takes place in 1100 BC.
Of Princes and Kings takes place in the 12th century AD.
Flare takes place in the 21st century AD.

Note: Owing to the span of time involved, it is not necessary to read them in chronological order.

You may download the first few chapters of Colors of Fire, Of Princes and Kings and Flare for free.

    The Colors of Fire

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  • In this major new piece of historical fiction, Lawrence Brown tells an exciting story of the final battles of the Hittite Empire, leading up to the collapse of the Bronze-Age civilization. Follow the adventures of the last Hittite prince on his journey to become King, his fight to consolidate the empire and defeat the enemies who would plunder the land and destroy the last vestiges of a great civilization. A compelling combination of fictional narrative and scholarship, Brown combines his knowledge of ancient peoples with historic battle tactics in a fast-paced, believable story of love, magic, fire, and war. The Colors of Fire is the first novel in a trilogy that spans 2000 years. Of Princes and Kings takes place in the 12th century, and Flare takes place in the 21st century.

      Of Princes and Kings

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    • Young Stephan Komnenos, a minor ambassador of the Byzantine court in Constantinople, faces the joint threats of the European crusaders and the Seljuk Turks. Newly knighted, his journey takes him from the intrigues of the Byzantine Court to the heart of the Seljuk realm, all the time leading him to find the fabled Four Tablets of the Apocalypse. He meets a princess of the Seljuk empire and their lives are inextricably linked, their destinies converging as they travel together to unravel one of the greatest mysteries of the age. Stephan and the Princess find themselves thrust into a tumultuous sequence of events that will shape both his destiny and the fate of the empire. This events in this novel were set up 2000 years earlier in The Colors of Fire.


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      • Massive solar storms, capable of disrupting civilization on this planet, are impossible to predict more than three days in advance. NASA, the National Science Foundation, and several other U.S. Government agencies have initiated a $100-million-dollar-per-year program to predict solar storms. But what if a secret historical record of solar storms existed that used a simple formula to predict the most massive and disruptive incidents, and what if powerful men, who would stop at nothing to secure it, sought that record?

        Phil Sheridan is bored with his job as research assistant in a New York firm that specializes in computer programs for the classification of archaeological artifacts. When a beautiful young Turkish woman he meets is kidnapped, the only clue is an ancient clay tablet missing from her apartment. Phil flies to Turkey in search of the young woman and eventually learns that the stolen tablet is one of four legendary tablets. Each tablet is inscribed in a different, unknown language, and all four are needed in order to decipher the ancient inscription. Centuries ago, they became known as the Four Tablets of the Apocalypse.

        In the year 2022, the tablets begin to surface, as if compelled by a higher will. Once their existence is known, a trail of murder and mayhem follows the tablets. Phil Sheridan must pit his will and his knowledge of astronomy and archaeology against the forces of evil that seek to overthrow the world order, starting in the Middle East.

        The science behind the novels:

        It begins on the sun. Powerful magnetic fields create giant arcs of gas that soar hundreds of thousands of miles above the solar surface. Suddenly, one of the largest of them snaps. A billion tons of solar gas spews outward, racing across space toward earth. Three days later, the ball of solar energy smashes into earth.

        Orbiting satellites feel the blow first as the solar particles destroy solar panels and sensitive electronics. As the satellites fail, global communication falls into silence. The particles continue downward, forming a vast sheet of current that overloads power grids. Millions of people are plunged into darkness.

        A particularly severe storm slammed into earth on March 13, 1989, causing a system-wide power failure in Quebec. Just 90 seconds after the onset of the storm, six million people were left without power.

        In 1972, the entire power system of Sweden was knocked out. Radio communications were blacked out around the world. Power lines experienced surges in voltage and transformers exploded. Circuit breakers were tripped, and the electrical filters in long-distance phone lines were vaporized. Our satellite defense system was paralyzed and NORAD went belly up for three days. The military was near hysteria.

        But these were a minor storms by historical standards. The last mega-flare was in 1859. It was so strong that electrical current was induced in telegraph lines and messages could be sent without using batteries. The aurora borealis flared so brightly that it could be seen in Hawaii. If that storm occurred today, it would be a worldwide disaster of Biblical proportions.

        Enjoy my novels!


My works are science-based fiction rather than science fiction. The difference is that the science in my novels is real, probable, and based on actual historical incidents. Science fiction, by contrast, is typically based on what could happen if both the science and your imagination are stretched a bit. Admittedly, the line between the two genres is thin!

The Trilogy

I conceived of the three novels as a series of science-based thrillers, derived from historical events. You may read more about it on the books page.

The Colors of Fire.

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